Our camps vary from a drive to tent camp or ranch style house.


Our tent camp is vehicle accessible and very female friendly. All the tents are canvas wall tents. The client’s tents are 10×12 or 14×16 with a floor and individual cots & foam pads for your sleeping comfort. Couples stay in their own tent. A wood stove for colder weather. We have a 16×23 cook/dining tent. A shower is available when needed and latrine facilities. Enjoy home cooked meals next to a warm woodstove. We have all the food and water, however if you want any sodas or alcohol it is not provided!

If you have food allergies, please let us know in advance!


It provides us with all the comforts of home and is female friendly. We have a living/dining room with satellite TV (so we don’t miss out on sports) with AC. A full kitchen with a cook included; we enjoy three homemade meals a day so bring your appetite. The hunters’ rooms provide single beds for each person. There is also a bathroom and shower available for your comfort and everyone else’s. We have an extra fridge for any beverages you wish to bring (soda & alcohol not included).

If you have food allergies, please let us know in advance!

So come join us for some great hunting, good food, and fun times here at camp.