Montana Mule Deer Hunting


Trophy mule deer hunting in the state of Montana is great! The areas we hunt have a mixture of open country, pine forests, rimrock ridges, coulees, and cropland. All which help create an absolutely phenomenal mule deer habitat.

Today the deer heard is quite healthy in the areas that I hunt. Trophy bucks in these areas are noted for nice racks with deep forks. As the bucks, mature kickers sometimes develop, and mass, of course, goes with age. We try to harvest 4.5-year-old deer and older. A typical 4.5 years old will score between 150 and 170 B&C. Much larger bucks are rare, but available on occasion. 22” to 25” mule deer make up the bulk of our harvest. Bucks over 25” are difficult to find. Montana allows trophy mule deer hunters to hunt during the peak of the November rut. Whitetails are also available in some areas.

The success rate on whitetail will be totally dependent upon the rut due to the open terrain that they inhabit. Whitetail trophies of 140-150 B&C gross bucks have been harvested. The non-resident deer tag is good for either mule deer or whitetail but only one antlered buck may be taken in any year. The non-resident deer license is obtained through the Montana General License Drawing, and applications need to be in no later than March 15th. If a good trophy mule deer is on your wish list, give us a call for your next western hunt!


    2018 Trophy Mule Deer Rate

    Rate: We require a 50% deposit to hold one spot at the time of booking.

    Payment: Balance of hunt is due October 1st prior to the start of any hunt.

    Refund: Deposit will be refunded if you are unable to obtain your license otherwise the deposits are nonrefundable.



    Hunt #1: (October 19th Arrive EVE) 
October 20th (Morning) – October 24th

    Hunt #2: October 26th (EVE) – October 31st

    Hunt #3: November 2nd (EVE) – November 7th

    Hunt #4: November 9th (EVE) –November 14th

    Hunt #5: November 16th (EVE) – November 21st