Montana Turkey Hunting


Spring turkey hunting is done in Southeastern Montana. Which means BIG strutting long beard Merriam gobblers! The Merriam is known for being one of the most vocal of the 4 turkey subspecies found within the lower 48 states. Hunting the Merriam differs from typical Eastern gobbler hunting in that lots of wide-open terrain allows hunters to use both roosting as a means of locating toms and glassing for toms after they have left the roost. No matter which method proves to be the most successful, the sight of a strutting Merriam tom, with his white band of feathers forming his fan, coming to the call, is heart-pounding excitement. My spring turkey hunters are housed in a ranch style house set-up with all the conveniences including fully furnished house, single beds, separate rooms for couples or families, shower and toilet facilities, satellite TV, and home-cooked meals. Anyone flying will use Billings, Montana. The first evening, after arriving, hunters stay at a local motel. Flyers use a “no-charge” shuttle service to the motel. Hunters are met at the motel in late morning the day they are scheduled to go into camp. Hunters that drive can follow us into camp in their own vehicle. Turkey tags can be purchased either online or over-the-counter. A conservation license and base-hunting license are prerequisites! The total cost for a turkey license is $115.00.


    2018 Spring Turkey Hunt Rates

    Rate: $1,500

    Deposit: We require a $750 deposit to hold one spot at the time of booking.

    Payment: Balance of hunt is due March 1st prior to the start of any hunt.

    Refund: There are no refunds on deposits or any hunt payments.



    Hunt #1: April 6th Arrive (EVE) – April 7th – April 9th

    Hunt #2: April 11th (EVE) – April 14th

    Hunt #3: April 16th (EVE) – April 19th

    Hunt #4: April 21st (EVE) – April 24th

    Hunt #5: April 26th (EVE) – April 29th

    Hunt #6: May 1st (EVE) – May 4th

    Hunt #7: May 6th (EVE) – May 9th